Classic Rock Problems


Van Halen Reunion of the Day: Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, and David Lee Roth will reunite next year and hit the road as Van Halen for the first time since 2007.

In addition to the tour, the band is also set to celebrate its 40th anniversary with their first full album featuring Roth behind the mic since 1984’s 1984.

Tickets go on sale January 10th.


Earlier: Black Sabbath announces 2012 reunion tour.

This is not a problem.

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Just a note about…

"You will never see your favorite band live."

Half of you seem to be missing the point that this is CLASSIC ROCK Problems. Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Panic! at the Disco and the like are NOT Classic Rock. So yeah, you might get to see your favorite band live, and I’m really happy for you, but can you stop reblogging with things like “no fuck you i’m seeing them next week yellowcard fuckyeaaahh” or whatever.
For other people, I’m am jealous that you’ve seen so many Classic Rock bands live, I truly am. But in most cases, too many of the original members have passed away, or when they do manage to do a tour, they tickets tend to be rather pricey.

"People who think Glee covers are originals."

Gleeks, calm the fuck down on this one, okay? Maybe people who reblogged it have, but I’ve never said anything derogatory about Glee on this blog. I have my opinion about it, but I’m keeping them to myself. I just think it’s shitty that people think that so many great songs that have been around for decades were orignally written and performed by the Glee cast.


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